“AFTER THE RAIN” il nuovo lavoro di Anna Cimenti

frequenzemusicali “AFTER THE RAIN” è un album che nasce dal desiderio di condividere , al di là della musica, un percorso tra consapevolezza dell’esserci reale ed esistenza dell’anima. Registrato a Bologna nell’estate del 2019, dopo aver frequentato le Masterclass del Maestro Barry Ha... Leggi >>


15: Amistad

Dedicated to all those who reckognize themselves in the picture... waiting for the waves on top of a surfboard, chatting with a friend and their gaze towards the ocean. Mixed with love @ 126 BPM in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, 2019 This show was 68th in the global electronica/dance chart and 93rd in t... Leggi >>


34: Point of No Return

Point of No Return: The point where it is impossible, or where it doesn't make any sense, to come back. Enjoy this Winter Edition of Riding The Soundwave - the most innovative progressive house DJset series - packed with adrenaline and good vibes. This show was 46th in the mixCloud's global trance... Leggi >>