35: Between Two Worlds

One hour djset made of pure melodic, progressive house and edm to cheer, lift you up, ang give you renewed strength. This djset is dedicated to all the people fighting against COVID19. 1. George Ellinas - Suadela (Original Mix) 2. Gregory Esayan - Coral Glasses (Flexible Fire Remix) 3. Emro - Dri... Leggi >>


15: Amistad

Dedicated to all those who reckognize themselves in the picture... waiting for the waves on top of a surfboard, chatting with a friend and their gaze towards the ocean. Mixed with love @ 126 BPM in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, 2019 This show was 68th in the global electronica/dance chart and 93rd in t... Leggi >>



34: Point of No Return

Point of No Return: The point where it is impossible, or where it doesn't make any sense, to come back. Enjoy this Winter Edition of Riding The Soundwave - the most innovative progressive house DJset series - packed with adrenaline and good vibes. This show was 46th in the mixCloud's global trance... Leggi >>


33: Path to the Essence

This DJset starts warm and easy then... evolves. A one hour journey into the sound of beach house, synthwave and uplifting trance for working, studying, training and daydreaming. 1. Approaching Black - It's Only Forever 2. Veeshy - Stimulate The Stars 3. Gregory Esayan - Hive 4. Katrin Souza - La G... Leggi >>


32: Golden Hour

When the sun meets the water line it's a very special moment. This DJ set wants to celebrate that magic light and sensations, with a carpet of sounds which are the ideal ground for new ideas to sprout and grow up. This djset was 70th in MixCloud's global trance chart, 54th in the Italy's world char... Leggi >>


31: Past, Present, Future

This djset starts very easy and warm then builds up in energy. Recently published tracks and golden classics live side by side and will bring you through one hour of melodic trance and EDM pleasure with a bit of experimental atmosphere. Water's warm, here we go... 1. Clarks - Cayo Largo 2. Vitodit... Leggi >>