67: More to Life


What an incredible year this has been! Despite all the odds, my numbers and followers have doubled and this is becuase your awesome support. This DJset is to say a big THANKS to all of you who have followed me throughout this year. Waiting to enjoy dancing at the beach soon… here is a new great hour of pure melodic progressive, vocal trance and progressive house. It starts slow & easy at 110, then builds up in energy up to 130 BPM.
1. Imperss – Coastline (Original Mix)
2. Proglifter – Las Palmas (Deep Mode Mix)
3. Skyhunter & Rafal Sentiel – Beach Story (Original Mix)
4. Mango – Parea (Talamanca Remix)
5. Infinity State – Once Upon A Time (Macarize)
6. AOA! – Murcia (Plz Stay) (Silk Music)
7. Reimu – Wonderland
8. Rafal Sentiel -…
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