28: Escape Strategies


Sometimes you just need a break. Get a different landscape, see different faces, do different things. And it’s not that easy. But you can make plans, then turn that plans into reality. Escape Strategy is a sophisticated yet exciting djset made of the best melodic trance, beach house, and progressive trance, and includes recent and classic tracks.
This show was 45th in the global electronica/dance chart, 55th in the global edm mix chart, 55nd in the global trance chart and 35th in the Italy’s (#world) chart.

1. South Pole – Wake (Original Mix)
2. Talamanca – Walking The World
3. Gregory Esayan – International
4. Shingo Nakamura – whither (original mix)
5. Alex H & James Woods – Atitlan (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
Leggi l’intero articolo su: https://ridingthesoundwave.com/show/28-escape-strategies

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