24: Taking Chances


What a wonderful summer! Enjoy this 1 hour mix packed with adrenaline-rushing tunes and a few great vocal trance tracks that I really like. Full tracklist included!
This show was 44th in the global electronica/dance chart and 52nd in the global edm mix chart.
Gregory Esayan – Game Of Hearts (Silk Music) Talamanca – Talamanca Beach (James Woods Remix) Les Hemstock – Angel Chorus (Latex Zebra Extended Remix) Roman Messer feat. Roxanne Emery – Lullaby (LTN Extended Sunset Remix) Loco DJ – Different Perspective Sundriver – Citylights (Daniel Kandi Remix) Chris Lyons DJ – Twin Ride (Extended Version) Maiga – Omen (Ryo Nakamura Remix) Universal Solution – Pressure Point (Mcvinski Remix) Vito De Santis and Soulforge – If Only (Original Mix) Suncatcher vs Fredrik Miller – Soaring High…
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