19: The Last Wave


There comes a point when you realize you cannot stay in the waves forever! This is the time to run and get…
The Last Wave.
This mix is closing my Riding the Soundwave series taken in the beautiful Maspalomas (Canarias), with a load of vocal, and emotional tracks, until the very end. I am sure you will like it like I do. BPM variable from 124 to 126.
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This show was 66th in the global electronica/dance chart, 69th in the trance chart and 90th in the global edm mix chart. It ended up 31st in italy #world chart.
Gregory Esayan & Angel Falls – Part of Me (Original Mix vs. Lift Blood Groove & Kikis) AOA! – Murcia (Plz Stay) Roald Velden & South Pole – Billion Stars Maiga -…
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