15: Amistad


Dedicated to all those who reckognize themselves in the picture… waiting for the waves on top of a surfboard, chatting with a friend and their gaze towards the ocean.
Mixed with love @ 126 BPM in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, 2019
This show was 68th in the global electronica/dance chart and 93rd in the global trance & progressive chart. 1. Talamanca – A Day At The Beach
2. Shingo Nakamura – Behind the Sunset (Original Mix)
3. Aleksey Beloozerov – Love (Arabica Guitar Mix)
4. Gregory Esayan – Evening Flight (Original Mix)
5. Valiant – Little Love (Extended Mix)
6. Talamanca – Blue Hawaii (Same’s Deep Mix)
7. Blood Groove & Kikis – Lift (Original Mix)
8. Lumidelic – Healing Energy (Original Mix)

Leggi l’intero articolo su: https://ridingthesoundwave.com/show/15-amistad

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